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Milanza is an artisanal bakery serving deliciously wholesome cookies, chocolate, and more using rich, natural ingredients.

Sagar Dadlani, co-founder and director at Milanza Foods, has an experience of over two decades in the Bakery Industry. Being the third generation in this profession, he values the taste of traditional recipes, the goodness of healthier options, and curating a perfect blend for contemporary millennial preferences.

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Why Milanza Cookies?

Milanza's handcrafted, grab-and-go cookie bars are full of goodness made from freshly ground whole wheat flour.

Each cookie bar is Individually Packed for peak freshness. It is the best choice for any time of the day. Lusciously natural source of protein & fiber.

This heartwarming traditional recipe infused with new age ingredients are sure to surprise your taste buds.

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Our mission

To provide premium cookies that redefine snacking and gifting with handcrafted recipes and the most delectable taste along with the health factor to one and all.

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  • I tried the Trail Mix cookies. The fruity taste and the freshness of the cookies were unbelievable. My go-to binge snack. 

  • I tried the Double Chocolate cookies at a friend's party. Went home and ordered a box myself immediately. Since then I make sure that I never run out of these cookies. A chocolaty treat for my cravings!.

  • The Peanut Butter Cookies are perfect for my post-workout hunger pangs. Totally recommend the crunchy taste of Milanza.

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